Ideas Worth Fostering

Daniel Kilby

President and CEO

Daniel Kilby is a former foster, at risk, and homeless youth who founded the Young Entrepreneurs Club to help empower and inspire his younger peers to success.
Utilizing his experiences working with Santa Rosa Junior College’s Foster Care Kinship & Education department as a career development tour creator, his personal background in banking, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his first hand experiences within the system, he spends his time educating his peers, other non-profits, and the community on the challenges and underlying issues pertaining to foster and at risk youth, and how to solve them.


Laurie Ann Powell

Member of the Board and acting secretary

Laurie Ann Powell is an advocate for health and wellness, and has been supporting and encouraging other families with encouragement and practical support throughout her life.  A home school mom of five and a wife for thirty-three years, Laurie Ann has hosted at-risk women and children in her home, attended neighbors through legal battles, and connected people with resources to help them through crises. In her work with the Young Living, she uses her background in education, coaching and entrepreneurship to develop the program and expand the influence of the Club.  She makes her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has successfully recruited two of the Club’s favorite board members. 

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Abigail Covington

Member of the Board

An ever-growing, ever learning, entrepreneur herself, Abigail spends her time with us organizing our social media and developing our brand presence. Her heart breaks over stories of youth aging out of the system with nothing but their case file and a drive to the local park or homeless shelter, and she often talks about working to reduce the amount of sex trafficking that occurs in foster care.